Officers FAQ

Duties and Responsibilities


  • Visionary
  • Overseer
  • Decision maker
  • Policy maker
  • Sets standards
  • Promotes brand awareness

1st Vice President

  • Acts upon policies and precedures set forth by the President

2nd Vice President

  • Partners with the 1st Vice President
  • Records and reports activities to membership



  • Receives moneys
  • Pays bills
  • Maintains bank account
  • Reports to membership

Saftey/Insurance Officer

  • Aquires the insurance policy each year
  • Works with treasurer to assure funding
  • Issues insurance permits to members
  • Works with clubs to set up safety training clinics


  • Receives waivers and photos
  • Produces membership cards

Newsletter/E-mail Editor

Forum Manager

Website Manager

  • Maintains website
  • Adds new members to database and forum
  • Updates expiration dates of renewals
  • Sends out thank you emails to new and renewing members

NAPKA Elections and Nominations Committee Chairperson

NAPKA Committee Chairman

Club Representative